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Self-cleaning your air duct vents

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Self-cleaning your air duct vents:

Why do it at all? Well you want to have a clean air flow in the house, which could be a start.

Now the real reason we are giving you this article is for those of you who can’t afford having a professional over or just like the DIY process.

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Cleaning your air ducts can also save you money on future issues that caused due to not cleaning the ducts in the house, and might sum up to a couple of thousands to fix. Luckily it is not such a hard process if using the right tools for the job. You might not clean as deep as a professional would, but most of the debris are gathered at the registers, where you can reach on your own.

The cleaning process we will present to you now should be done once or twice a year.

So what you will need to get the process done:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a hose.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • A dust brush for the vacuum.
  • A rotary dryer brush.
  • A cordless drill.

Also consider replacing the HVAC filter after the cleaning process is done.

Now for the steps:

Step one:

Remove the registers from the walls or floors. Usually the floor ones are easy to remove while the wall registers might need to be screwed out. After removing the vents wash them with soap and water to make sure they are fully cleaned.

Attach the rotary dryer brush to the drill and make sure it is firmly attached before feeding it in the ducts, or it might get loose and fall in, which might be a problem taking it out.

Start the drill and run the brush around the duct, turn the brush slowly. Pull the brush back as it cleans the duct walls and stop it when reaching to the final few feet or you will have dust flying everywhere. Once the brush is removed from the vent, turn on the vacuum cleaner and place it inside the duct using the hose, and suck all the dust gathered slowly. Make sure you clean the hose brush before moving on to the next vent.

Step two:

Using the cleaning cloth reach in the ducts and wipe the interior until clean. Make sure you rinse the cloth because you will find a lot of dust the first time you get it done.

Wipe the area around the ducts and place the registers back at their place.

That is the process of cleaning your ducts by your-self. You may also contact us for farther questions.

If you believe you can’t do it nor wish to get the cleaning process professionally, we do recommend advising one of the companies and having a price quote for the cleaning. Luckily we do give you the top 10 in your area with the best comfortable prices and reliable service.


Thank you!