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Business info: Airductcleaninggroup


3926 W Touhy Ave Lincolnwood, IL 60712

Phone number:

(847) 532-2676



Business Management

Mr. Shachar Hillel, President


A few words about ourselves:

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ламода екатеринбург
сылка на трейд
We at Airductcleaninggroup strive to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and a professional air duct cleaning and HVAC service. We have highly trained technicians who follow the rules and regulations established by the air duct service industry.

We service Chicago and ChicagoLand IL (847) 532-2676.

Our specialty includes:

  • Cleaning the entire vent system (returns & supplies).
  • Cleaning the A-coil.
  • Cleaning the Blower.
  • Cleaning the Furnace.
  • Cleaning of condenser coil.

We also install:

  • A UV light air sanitizer.
  • High quality filters

The Company Established in 2007.

Being in the carpet cleaning services I noticed that most of the dust in many customers’ houses gets trapped into their carpets. My clients complained about allergies even after the carpets were cleaned, I decided to have a look into customers vent system and realized that if the vents are full of debris and dust cleaning their carpets without first cleaning their vent system was a waste of their money. I noticed that by the time I finished to clean their carpet the furnace kept blowing dust into the air which then would get trapped back on the carpet. As a result, when carpets get dry the dust becomes loose again and, during traffic, it gets released back into the air which in turn settles on the carpet and furniture again. Therefore, I realized that the first priority before cleaning carpet in the customer’s house is to clean furnace & air duct system first.